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Praise and power to the sane Muslim nations of the Middle East! They are right to ban Disney’s latest filth and degeneracy.

The United Arab Emirates said the couple’s relationship violated the country’s media content standards. Homosexuality is considered criminal in many Middle Eastern countries.

Representatives of other countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and Lebanon, did not immediately respond to requests for comment on why they would not allow the film to be exhibited.

“Lightyear” is a prequel to Pixar’s acclaimed “Toy Story” franchise. Chris Evans voices the lead character, Buzz Lightyear, a legendary space ranger.

In the film, Buzz’s close friend is a female space ranger who marries another woman. A scene showing milestones in the couple’s relationship includes a brief kiss.

Gay space rangers in gay outer space might fly in the US military, but not in any respectable Islamic culture. No respectable Christian culture either. The WereWest has no leadership. Therefore, it is up to us to auto-censor this evil. Go, UAE!