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Observations Well After June 8, 1967


Fifty-five years is a long time. Memorials, especially of the kind quashed from the beginning, are easily forgotten or overlooked – even on Memorial Day. The only reference in the greater media that I found, this year, regarding the attack on the USS Liberty, AGTR-5, was in Arab News. Their story noted that Israel has never been truly held accountable, which is in large part true. The lamentable Yankee empire hasn’t been explicable either. I looked at a few veterans’ discussion boards and comments pages and found about what I expected; it’s like the ship and her men never existed. Any mention of the atrocity, even by survivors or family members of survivors, is generally met with immediate, irrational, and almost preemptive denouncements of “hate” and “anti-satanism.” So it goes.

My only link to the deceased Admiral (Moorer) who conducted what will likely stand as the only genuine US investigation into the matter died last year. It won’t be too terribly long before there is no living memory of the event. 

Navy F-4s were mere minutes away from the rescue when they were directly and personally recalled by the fuel-of-hellfire degenerate Robert McNamara. The first responding vessel to offer assistance was a passing Soviet ship. The Russians proposed emergency aid – you know, as the Sixth Fleet couldn’t be bothered, security in case of a renewed attack, and water recovery in the very-real chance the ship sank. Liberty’s crew, being men of ancient Anglo-American temperament, politely declined. When the USN did finally arrive on the scene, the next day, in place of a doctor, the crew received a visit from Admiral Kidd, who threatened them with arrest, treason, and death should they ever speak about their ordeal. Taking the IDF out of the equation, the lowest of the low the US ever had to offer shit all over some of her best. 

They came from all across the Old Nation, from Cedartown, GA to Yakima, WA to Waterville, ME. View the ENTIRE ROSTER, courtesy of Arlington National Cemetery. (For the Charlie Kirk/Dan Crenshaw brand of wicked retard: funny that a “conspiracy theory” has it’s own section at Arlington, no?).

This may well be my final, purposeful tribute on the subject. Not because of name-calling, excuse-making, or even the prevailing lack of interest. It’s just that time is rapidly moving on, as it tends to do, and both the US and Israel are radically different countries today, though with similarly uncertain and presumably less-than-pleasant futures.

Frederic Leclerc-Imhoff, the French BFMTV reporter killed in NATO’s war against Russia got about as much WereWestern press coverage as Shireen Abu Akleh, the Al Jazeera reporter killed in Israel’s war against the Palestinian People. There are, of course, a few differences. In what still passes for America, Abu Akleh’s killing was okay with the Kirk-Crenshaw-Bubba-Cleetus retard brigade, because something, something, I.C. Scofield. She was, in their misfiring minds, one of them thar A-rab Moooooos-limb tarr-ists – despite her literally being a Melkite Catholic. Also, while she was not an American, by some paperwork machination, she was a United States citizen, with all the dishonor and non-privilege that title provides. As such, her case was, much like the Liberty’s, instantly dismissed by the fake US President, Brandon, and his fake Secretary of State, Blinken.

In fairness to all parties, the heat of battle tends to obscure facts. It’s all the more so when the official policy regarding facts demands obscuring them. Plausible evidence suggests Abu Akleh’s death was a deliberate murder. Yet, other suggestions hold that it was accidental. As Gonzalo Lira recently pointed out, even if the initial killing was an accident, what happened at the funeral most certainly was not. Pallbearers do not throw rocks at occupying police forces because their hands and arms are holding up a casket. As they make their way into a Christian Church, Cleetus, in Jerusalem. It’s the same reason why they had to drop the casket, en route to the Christian Church, Cleetus, in order to ward off unjustified blows from the police when the police attacked out of sheer malice. (Yes, I know about the “flag march” too).

Let’s all hold our collective breath over the pending investigations, shall we? The dying US, under the misleadership of Brandon, Blinken, Baal, and Brahma is in no shape to conduct an inquiry. It can’t even run a proper, losing neo-Nazi proxy war without the losing neo-Nazi proxies reselling illegal imperial weapons shipments on the dark web. The US is a radioactive dumpster fire, on top of a train wreck, derailed in a sewer. Israel is, for now, in slightly better shape.

Your author expressed hopeful interest in Naftali Bennett when he wrested power away from the criminal defendant last year. My hope is still there, but it is enduring quite a beating – just like, Cleetus, those Christian pallbearers at the Christian woman’s funeral outside the Christian church.

Perhaps the worst problem confounding Tel-Aviv/Jerusalem is that much like GG, many or most Israelis would just as soon live in peace with the “neighbors.” All-in-all, there is a similar sentiment on the other side of the wall. The sentiment has constantly strained both ways and problems keep getting in the way. Bennett has his chance to solve them, or at least, to not be one of them. Will he take it? 

There’s also the dreadful issue of rapidly collapsing US global dominance and influence. Not a lot of force, money, or shielding comes from a burning sewer. There is a growing sense between Gaza and Haifa that, “Holy shit! We’re on our own!” Hence, the subtle shifting towards open diplomacy with certain parties. Here, let me add that the long association with the “free and democratic” West, along with certain Talmudic and Kabbalic elements concerning family and society, have worked the reverse of miracles for domestic Israeli culture. As for diplomacy, they might want to ramp it up a notch or ten, and pretty quick too.

Few remember the ass whoopin Iran put on the Yankee empire’s drone operations in Iraq. Fewer, outside of Iran and Israel and Iraq, remember the ass whoopin Iran put on Mossad in Iraq. But both incidents happened, largely because Tehran has quietly improved her ballistic missile capabilities into the world-class (the top, after Russia) tier. Now might be a fine time to lay off the stupid back and forth, lest all hell break loose.

Likewise out of memory, and even plain sight as it happened, was the radical missile improvement Hamas exhibited last May. I immediately noticed the accuracy, range, and volume increases. Martin van Crevald did too, I think. Very few others. 

The point is that, even as Israel remains the “Goliath” in the current conflict(s), the various “Davids” have found their slings and are fingering rocks. In this little Biblical analogy, the US stands in for the Phillistine’s false god, Beelzebub. Beelzebub, one may recall, was so ineffective a champion as to be literally nonexistent and utterly irrelevant. 

Further complicating matters is the constant dissension among and between the Israeli Nationals and the Jewish Diasporans, the secular, religious, quasi-religious, Rabbinical, Torahic, Zionist, and others in the ranks of both groups. Haaretz ran an eye-opening article about the in-fighting that one probably will not read at any US local or national outlet. While I have no dog in that fight, I am a little glad that some who do are at least thinking about ramifications. 

The economic and geopolitical landscape of the world is rapidly changing – hopefully for the better. Believe it or not, in a year or three, the “free and democratic,” satanic, globalist new world disorder may be limited to just the US, the UK, Israel, Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Even now, Israel and Japan are surveying the exits. They should, as their very existence is at stake. The rest, all in varied states of decay, all face uncertain futures with increasingly predictable prospects. 

I would not see the fate of my people and my nation visited upon the people of Israel, Palestine, or anyone else. The past is the past, though it brought about the present. Both push us headlong into the future. It all might not be stoppable, but it should be steerable.

Let that be the lesson of today. Violence, subterfuge, betrayal, and ignorance are all the more terrible because they generally reproduce, ever creating more and more of their distasteful kind. If for no other reason … Remember the Liberty

UPDATE: Stuff like this does not help the process.