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I know we’re getting away from the #StandWithJewishHitler charade, but if you still sport the Ukranazi flag on your Big Socialz, right or wrong side up, then consider banning Tolstoy from your bookshelf. Because Herr Zelenskyy has done so and you support the latest thing and all. And it’s not just War and Peace.

Kiev has banned Russian works of art – and language instruction – long before the current conflict, however. In March 2019, the Ukrainian government prohibited some 40 works of art due to their mention of Russian businesses, artists, social networks, internet portals, the USSR or Soviet political figures. Among the works banned on that occasion was Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel ‘The Master and Margarita,’ which had also been censored in the USSR.

The irony! The Master and Margarita (reading it right now; not bad) is, among other things, a writer’s cautionary admonishment against tyranny wherein literary censors are compared to a literally vampiric, satanic hit squad. There’s also this crazy, favorable mention of someone with the initials JC. Can you “even”?

Not to worry; I’m sure Russia will reverse all of this nonsense in the not-too-distant future.