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Plotting to Murder Julian, Journalism, and the Truth


Here follows another rather short column. I had high hopes which have obviously fizzled. I’m not sure if we’re lacking heat or water, but there is a temporary shortage of steam. To make up for it, I won’t charge for this one.

Years ago, and it might as well have happened in another age, Julian Assange earned his place among the paragons of investigative journalism. He exposed US government activities for exactly what they are – pure war crime evil. You know the reward he got for his efforts. He’s been a prisoner for almost a decade, the Amerikan people are as stupid and wicked as ever, and nothing has changed in Washington (aside from a hopeful and noticeable weakening of imperial power – there’s that!). 

Know too that the CIA laid plans, thankfully never acted on, to murder Assange in London. This news is what faithless retards might call a “conspiracy theory.” There is no theory to it. It is a conspiracy fact. Read more about this insane evil HERE. The cult’s solution to the exposing of their crimes was, of course, more crimes. What else is new?

Readers of my blog with better memories will recall that I speculated about this plot, without knowing any details, almost exactly five years ago. That was less prophecy and more seventh-order logical ability. I’d add, “you’re welcome,” but what’s the point? Nothing, absolutely nothing positive has come out of any knowledge about any of this. In fact, things are considerably worse today than they were then.

I predicted other developments which have come to pass. The empire’s idiotic war in Afghanistan is now resulting in the further invasion of the USSA. The invaders, our “helpers” and such, are already busy – even while still in military custody – committing violent felonies against women and children. A majority of Haiti may be moving to a town near you. The White majority won’t exist for much longer. And, inexplicably, people keep falling for, promoting, and worshipping the most foolish hoax possibly ever hatched. 

One of these weeks, after I finish squaring some things away, we need a little weaponized fiction! Or, happy, innocent fiction. Something happy. Sometimes I feel like these columns are less about current, national, or international affairs, and more about tales from the national insane asylum. Well, this one is done.