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Federal judges and other lowlifes have turned the ADA and the rest of the fiction once known as “the law” on its head. Sayeth one shitheadess in SC:

“It is noncontroversial that children need to go to school,” Lewis wrote. “And, they are entitled to any reasonable accommodation that allows them to do so. No one can reasonably argue that it is an undue burden to wear a mask to accommodate a child with disabilities.”

This is the new trend nationwide. Recall that all laws meant to ensure medical privacy and freedom were quickly swept away with regards to not complying with this idiotic hoax. Now, of course, the very same laws are being twisted to force innocent people (and children) to bow again to the lowest common denominators – again, all over a damned hoax. This was always the intended goal of these useless, anti-Western laws – breaking normality in favor of a new form of slavery. Do not ever subject your children to this insidious evil. Rebel! Homeschool.

No one can reasonably argue that these people are not satanists and enemy combatants.