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Today was going to be the big day. I suppose it was in a way. Julian Assange stated Wikileaks will release about a million documents concerning rampant U.S. corruption between now and November’s Black Mass election show. Still, I was hoping for concrete information this morning. The waiting game…

But first, I made an error a few days ago. I posted a meme about the possible assassination of Assange:


This was wrong and I apologize. Based on what we know, about the previous assassination of Assange as proposed by Hillary Clinton, a more accurate meme would be:


Drones, yes. Sorry about that.

Anyway, the information is coming. It looks to be a multi-faceted expose:

  • Systemic corruption in U.S. electoral process;
  • Spying on America citizens, to include efforts by Google and other companies;
  • Wars, wars, and more wars – for profit;
  • Collusion between three countries (the U.S., the U.K., and guess who) to create terror, war, turmoil, and resulting profits;
  • As part of the collusion, arms dealing with ISIS (specifically by a current presidential candidate); and
  • Destroying nations in order to enrich banksters – the evidence of this concerning Libya has been public for a few years now.

All of this will come out eventually. Some think it will sway the election. I thought so but now I’m not so sure. I’m not sure any of it will really matter to the people. There’s probably going to be reason to indict and arrest certain persons but is that what people want. Is anyone interested in justice any more?

Consider what Wikileaks has told us already. Look at the timeline of Wiki releases over the past 10 years (pages 7 – 8). Look at the U.S. concerned releases this year alone. The fact that Hillary Clinton is running for president and that Americans still want to support their corrupt government at all is evidence that they really don’t care about the truth or justice.

The good news, today, is that Julian did avoid a Predator strike. The rest will wait.