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While this book smells of the kind hastily and fluffily written in the wake of any former administration, there is something uncanny about the following posited allegation.

“Don’t we have an island we own?” the president reportedly asked, eager to keep the U.S.’s numbers low, continuing: “What about Guantanamo?”

The excerpt says aides were stunned, but Trump still brought up the idea a second time before it was quashed by staff members citing the poor optics of housing Americans near the prison.

The book—which is based on interviews with roughly 180 people, including senior White House staffers and government health leaders—is set to be published June 29.

Given all that’s happened and that hasn’t happened, it is plausible that the man who refused to send America’s enemies to GITMO would consider sending Americans there instead. Y’all remember to ask him about this when “resumes office” April 15th, July 4th, August 30th, never.