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Satan is waging war on children, and retard, wicked White Amerikan women are ever so glad to help him. AWFLs are Aweful! Stop pimping your children! Read the whole thing and then realize this is going on everywhere across the former America.

Raise mothers, not dog moms.

Raise women, not wine aunts.

Raise ladies, not cat ladies.

If you won’t do it for your girls, then please, for the love of God, do it for the boys! For they seek and do not find!

Care for an ominous peek into our future hellscape? CNN Business published a recent study that said “by 2030, 45% of working women aged 25 to 44 in the United States will be single, the largest share in history.”

Mission accomplished, America!

Girls gave up the engagement ring for the NuvaRing. If this continues unchecked, a generation of young women will ghost the Earth, leaving nothing behind but the felines.

If not for the children, then do it for the generation of cats who will otherwise be doomed to starve to death after some old spinster kicks off. For those of you with kids, don’t just abandon the “schools;” get out of the entire dead, luciferian culture.