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Sadly, this year’s JUNETEENTH!!! celebration may be marred by an “emergency” at the CDC, set for a meeting on Friday the 18th.

CDC schedules ‘emergency meeting’ on heart inflammation cases in COVID vaccine recipients. This could get big. The reason CDC is beginning to panic is that in perfectly normal people, even without any vaccine, for unknown reasons, the immune system just begins attacking the heart, and inflammation is noted as a predictor of the course of the disease, and this leads to heart failure. When the immune system goes on the attack, it creates inflammation, and as any weightlifter who has gotten the flu will tell you, muscles don’t grow, and can atrophy quite a bit, when inflammatory signals show up on the scene, because those signals shut off all muscle growth. It is the way the body is designed. Under an inflammatory stress the body shifts modes and puts all energy into the immune fight, and does not store anything away on building the body or increasing reserve energy stores. Everything goes into the immune fight, and reserves are even liberated and thrown into it as well. And the heart is just one big muscle, so introduce inflammation, and all growth and tissue regeneration is shut off biochemically, and then the muscle just wastes away over time, until the heart muscle cannot carry the load it has to carry to pump blood and keep you alive.

I mean, who, really needs a heart? They’ll spin this as a positive and a reason everyone sHoUlD get VaxXeX!!! That, or they’ll blame the problems they made (literally, in a lab) on White supremacy, climate warming, or RusSiA!