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Approaching the End of the Rainbow


*TPC is on a two-week hiatus the same as any publication might take. Thus, the weekly columns will initially appear here for at least the next two weeks! Today’s is a little short – a disturbing topic and I’m a little busy – but here’s the TOO REAL story:

If it seems too outrageous to be true, then just consider all that has come to pass in the last year or so. At this late hour, what isn’t on the menu?

Last summer, in researching a topic for an Eastern European paper, I came across a comment by Poland’s Foreign Minister which effectively suggested that if Poland allowed, tolerated any manner of LGBTism, in short order cannibals would be thriving in Warsaw and Krakow. He was onto something.

Libertardians are stoned and inattentive and conservatives remain at least twenty years behind the times. While the trans freaks flashed by, the minions of hell got busy with the current push, the normalization, legalization of pedophilia. I’ve been warning for a few years now about the kiddie diddlers and the next trend – eating people whether for fetishized or for other reasons. 

There’s a reason why they want adult drag queens reading to children: it sets up some approximation of normality in the minds of our children that bearded weirdos in dresses are good, or at least harmless. Today it’s fun and we need to tolerate it. Tomorrow it will be glorified. TPC, Sept. 2018.

Another aside: if the pedo monsters are batting right now, who or what is on deck? My guess, and I’m not being facetious, is cannibalism. TPC, June 2018.

And, here we go:

For what it’s worth, dog buggery may be a stretch even for the extremely deranged. Of course, those accused of it, like this Miami veterinarian, are usually pedo fags as well.

The evidence is pouring in about the bearded weirdos at the libraries. Our eyes weren’t lying after all. It’s fag queen pedo hour. A drag queen judge was arrested for producing child porn at the home he shares with his sodomite partner and their adopted minor children. Let that fully sink in. 

Then there’s this ultimately-expositive, charming “love” story out of Lafayette, Louisiana. A queer met a barely-legal young man on a homo “dating” app and lured him to a house with the intention of eating him. Fortunately for the victim, the predacious paramour chickened out at the sight of blood. Other stories are coming to light wherein the cannibals are fully committed to the craft.

This is where the weak, faithless, go-along, get-along tolerance led. This is the price of worshiping demons in public. If observable patterns are followed, then we’ll continue to see progressives push the perversion through Congress and the Statehouses with conservatives limply caving, initially, only to champion the evil in a few short years. Again, at this point, there are no legal or political solutions. A millstone is not political. But it works – if it’s used.

**It’s interesting. YouTube says it was nebulous “medical misinformation” that killed the March 23rd edition of PPN, though my feature was essentially in keeping with the foregoing. I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt that TPC would run this article if they were operating this week. Earlier this month, I was forced to run THIS COLUMN, about the descent of the USSA into post-Christian hell, here, after being told, “going to pass” by the esteemed editor. Friends, old and new, silence will not protect us from the luciferian savages.