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*This is the column of the week! I submitted it to TPC on my usual schedule – however! Unbeknownst to me, old MB had already plotted to run my old 2013 Posse Comitatus piece. That’s not a bad move and I think it fits with the local brinksmanship he’s playing in C-town. (He’s planning something; justice is coming!) So, here’s my extended take on the collapse and ruin of traditional American society, through the scratched, hazy lens of Congressional BS. Enjoy!


Not Relevant To This Congress

Identity > culture > politics. That’s the order, regardless of what one wants, wishes, or imagines. And when a people lose their identity, then they soon lose their culture and their politics cease to have meaning. That explains why America is where it is today.

Recently, Joe Biden gave a speech in Texas. While the poor fellow pulled it together, the start was just a little rough. “What am I doing here?” he asked.  Two days later, Donald Trump babbled away at the CPAC failure in Florida. What was he doing there? 

None of that practical political nonsense matters anymore. Aside from noticing that the old left-right tango improved nothing, one could also observe the higher-order chaos as sadly showcased in Washington.

Every session, Congress opens with a prayer. The 117th was no exception. This year’s inaugural offering of worship, given on January 4, 2021, ended as follows: “We ask it in the name of the monotheistic god, Brahma, and ‘god’ known by many names by many different faiths. Amen and awomen.” Thus spake and blasphemed one Emanuel Cleaver, Democratic Representative from Missouri. This is where my mocking use of “Awoman!” comes from. Yet that novel word isn’t the point of contention in the above devotion. It’s Brahma, the Hindu creator god, a pagan god, and therefore, a demon. 

Congress opened its sordid business with an invocation to a demon. Cleaver, a United Methodist minister, should have known better, perhaps recalling something from Exodus about false gods. Then again, he thought that Amen is a gendered term requiring a little political correcting for the times. Brahma must be proud. 

In a way, it’s almost fitting. The USSA is a dead, immoral, wicked, lost empire in the final phases of disintegration. For instance, last week, the same House called into session under the watchful gaze of a demon debated and passed HR 5, the “Equality Act.” This bill, if passed and signed into law, will give special rights to mentally-ill, spiritually-poisoned sodomites, freaks, pedophiles, and – mark my words – eventually cannibals. It will also punish any traditional Americans who still dare to hold to their traditions. Brahma must be beaming with pride.

During the debate, or what passed for one, something telling happened. Watch THIS CSPAN VIDEO at around the 03:02:15 mark. If you’ve ever wondered what a grossly obese, satanic rodent in a suit looks like, then there he is. That’s Jerry Nadler (D-Hell), who responded to reasoned Christian criticism of the Act’s potential effects on girls’ athletics with these venomous words: “[W]what any religious tradition describes as God’s will is not relevant to this congress.” In all fairness to his lowness, the dishonorable rat, he may have said “ascribes to God’s will,” but it was hard to understand him through both of those ridiculous face diapers. His words were muffled but his intentions came through as sharp as daggers. One assumes he was referring to any “god” except Brahma; Cleaver did, in fact, join Nadler in voting to pass the abomination. Say Awoman!

Nadler, may the Lord rebuke him, is correct about the irrelevance of God to the luciferian cabal in DC. However, it would be much for honest to say that Congress is not relevant to God. He hates evil and instructs us to do likewise. He cannot be pleased with the USSA, where 150,000 babies were murdered – by the depraved people, not the depraved government – in the first two months of 2021 alone.

It was not always this way. Even those still deluded by the Enlightenment and Freemasonry can read in the dead Constitution the reference to “Blessings” and the concluding “year of our Lord.” Whose Lord? Not Brahma. Not in 1787. Before that, no one likes to remember, “The United States of America” (RIP) was created by and governed by the better-than-muh-constitution Articles of Confederation. The Articles also made reference to an earlier “year of our Lord.” Again, the Lord was not Brahma. The whole show was kicked off with the Declaration of Independence, which appealed to the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s GOD.” Which God? 

The Founders and others of their day left plain evidence, in addition to their legal writings, that America was a Christian nation of English origin, beholden to the one true Christian God. And no other. That was the identity we have lost – European and Christian, Western, civilized, intelligent. The culture followed into the abyss. Naturally, the politics degenerated to the point that talking rats and befuddled morons praise demons and protect deviants under the dead empire’s Capitol Dome. The fate of Sodom and Gomorrah would be better than what our fallen people deserve. 

We were warned repeatedly about what happens to nations that forsake themselves and God’s Order. Locally, we can see it all around us. We get elected officials who cannot perform their duties and make fools of themselves and their constituents. We get malfunctioning street lights, crime, drag queen story hour, and schools where children are neither educated nor safe. Elections, legal recourse, and general bemoaning will not help as, at this point, a demographic line has been crossed. 

What in God’s Great Name did we ever do to deserve this? Bluntly, we turned away from Him and sold our birthright for cheap thrills and trivial conveniences. More practically, we did not have enough children, nor properly raise the few we were gifted. The enemies of Christ were waiting for our mistakes. They have not changed in two-thousand years. They are determined to return to the direct presence of their unholy father and they’d just as soon drag us and our children with them. They cannot be safely tolerated, ignored, or compromised with. God may not be relevant to their foolish politics, but He will not be mocked.