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Not too good, if you’re a woman these days. Because of what the “pandemic” did(!) the WSJ notices that the aging cat ladies among us seem a little disenchanted with their cultural life decisions.

Kelli Wheeler always knew she wanted to have children. But in April, her boyfriend broke up with her right as the pandemic set off social-distancing mandates that make dating much more complicated. The 34-year-old decided she would have to rethink her path to motherhood.

“Even if I met a guy quite quickly, I was three or four years away from having kids because I’d want some time where it was just the two of us,” says Ms. Wheeler, a digital-content producer in Los Angeles. “I began looking into ways I could take control of my fertility, without a man.” She booked a consultation at a fertility clinic and plans to freeze her eggs this spring.

Ms. Wheeler is one of many single women in their 30s and 40s who have found themselves reassessing their plans for having children in the past year. The pandemic has both made it harder to meet a partner and provided time for introspection. For some women, that has sparked a realization that they want to prioritize motherhood, regardless of whether they are in a relationship. Plenty of men, of course, have had similar epiphanies, but biology forces women to take action within a more limited window of time.

Wait! I thought biology was just a social construct. JK! I really do feel for these women and the rest of our rapidly decaying society. Maybe the time to have children was around 18 or 20? Married? Maybe we’ve all been lied to for generations. This has been in force long before the Coronahoax drifted in. See this study on the death of the nuclear family in the US.