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The schools, when they’re not using dead instructors, are otherwise dead in terms of educational value. Christopher Paslay just released a great article on the war on Whites in US child abuse factories.

Hours after being sworn in as America’s 46th president, Joe Biden reversed Trump’s ban on using toxic Critical Race Theory in federal government diversity trainings. Doing so has reopened the floodgates for allowing anti-American identity politics in our public institutions and schools.

Corwin Press, an academic publisher that supplies books for K–12 schools, has taken advantage of Biden’s new agenda by releasing a series of free teacher resources titled “Responding to Insurrection, Domestic Terrorism, and Threats to Democracy.”

A quick look at these so-called teacher resources, which are linked at the top of Corwin’s webpage, reveals that they are disturbingly political and agenda-driven, with a clear objective to teach children what to think and not how to think. In short, these resources fail to allow students to critically analyze current events in an accurate and balanced context. They do not offer a classic pro and con format, but are presented from a one-sided lens that makes a complex situation simplistic.

In particular, they push polarizing identity politics, based in Critical Race Theory, on children in K–12 schools.

Down with the KKK-12 schools!

Some of our elite betters have noticed that worldwide, evil White supremacist children are only a small fraction of the total potential abuse and terror victims. Thus, the luciferians of the World Economic Forum are getting a plan together to “help” everyone.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, 188 countries closed their schools, affecting 1.54 billion students. These disruptions provide an opportunity to reset the skills that need to be prioritized in primary and secondary education and beyond.

From global citizenship to digital skills, what policies, practices and partnerships are needed to move future-ready employability skills higher up the education agenda?

This session is associated with the following projects and initiatives of the World Economic Forum: Education 4.0, the Global Future Council on the New Agenda for Education and Skills, and the Global University Leaders Forum.

The first part of this session is open to the public online; the second is only accessible via TopLink.

They give us the Great Reset! (Any mention of a “great reset” is a conspiracy theory). Learning and general knowledge is out, employability skills are in! You may watch the public show, the real action takes place behind closed digital doors.