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Thanks to the miracle of COVID, they’ve somehow found a digital way to reanimate dead college professors.

Concordia University says there should have been no confusion about who was teaching an online class after a student said he was surprised to discover the professor delivering the video lectures had died in 2019.

Aaron Ansuini, a student at the Montreal university, wrote in a series of recent posts on Twitter that he enjoyed the lectures by Francois-Marc Gagnon, who he assumed was the professor of his online art history class.

I’m sure delightful, socially-distant excuses were roundly provided by this $10,000 – $37,000 (CAD) per term Pet Semetary U. While I have no idea how higher “education” is funded in Canada, I rest assured that US students get run through Shylock’s ringer if they attend. Really, the bargain of a lifetime (or deathtime for faculty). The big question is how much do dead professors make in way of salary and benefits?