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Those words, or some combination of them, I’ve noticed them a lot lately. For instance, Creepy Joe just allowed trannies into the crumbling USSA military. Luciferians, other degenerates, and the mentally ill are well pleased. Perhaps the last Christian Chaplain in the Army is not. He, of course, is right in what he said, and he’ll probably get kicked out of the Imperial Army for it. That’s good for him; the whole show is coming apart and decent people should no longer participate. As expected, from the usual suspects, he caught considerable grief. That’s where the quote surfaced again.

Following the outcry, the Security Force Assistant Command released a statement on their Facebook page saying that they were investigating the incident.

The statement reads: ‘Always remember to ‘Think, Type, Post’ when it comes to engaging in conversation on social media platforms. We are soldiers 24/7 and that means always treating people with dignity and respect.

Yes, odd words from an organization that slaughters women and children for money. Or, is it dignity and respect to murder them? Truth be told, the application of these words is a relative matter. Good people indeed deserve the treatment that most good people associate with dignity and respect. The wicked do not unless the dignity they get is of a different kind – like that Paul talked about when he suggested that getting rid of the wicked was better for everyone, the wicked included. Somehow I doubt that’s what the Army Rainbow Command has in mind. In fact, I imagine the concept would be lost on most who utter some variance of these words.

Somewhere, I read this same phraseology. And I heard it in person not long ago. I looked briefly and found a few more examples from different sources. Then, I got tired of looking. How much dignity and respect is due a usurer? Or an outright murderer? A child molester? If rope and fire are forms of dignity and respect, then all’s well. Again, I suppose this reasoning would escape many and even horrify some these days.

I’m not making a definitive statement, but there’s just something new, fresh, and wrong sounding about this universal concept. I found a pastor somewhere who quoted Christ from John 15:12: “This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you.” The pastor did not clarify who “one another” encompasses nor the nature of how “I have loved you.” This beautiful admonishment, read in pari materia with the rest of the Bible, may not be a plain and simple as some make it out to be. There again, full examinations upend quick talking points.

I could be wrong, but there’s just a churchian feeling to it. The proof of such is in the way it was hurled back against the wisdom of an actual practicing Christian. That man, the Army Chaplain, does deserve dignity and respect.