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The pending collapse of the United States has many people fleeing and flying all over the place. Some drift towards the grand alternative to the Uniparty, the Libertarian Party. Some libertarian principles are great, I get that or those. But, as a unifying philosophy, it is as dead as liberalism, conservativism, communism, and so many more failures. As a whole, as represented by the LP, it completely misses the point, the competition between Nationalism and Globalism. In fact, it may officially do worse than that. Here’s the LP’s statement on the peaceful protests of January 6th:

On Wednesday, January 6, as the U.S. Capitol building was being breached, Libertarian National Committee Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman issued the following statement:

“This is not patriotism. This is not protesting. This is reprehensible violence and aggression and needs to stop now. We hope safety for all those who work in the Capitol.”

Since the party’s founding in 1971, a core belief that has bound Libertarians together is the principle of non-aggression in the pursuit of political and social goals. To achieve membership in the national party, prospective members must affirm their pledge to such effect.

In other words, they are in the same camp with the Democrats, the Republicans, and the fake news media.

Based on a new reading of the LP’s core beliefs, I have started working up a theory, which I may delve into later. By the way, barring a counter-coup this coming week, one might as well side with this or any other party one sees fit, as there will likely never be another honest election in the US again. Here’s the theory: Based on the totality of the stated positions and beliefs and on the overall circumstances of reality, I think big-L Libertarianism is a big, soft, smiley face for globalism as sold to stoners. It needs work, but that’s the working thrust of it. It might even be possible if you can believe this, that Libertarianism is ultimately worse, ideologically, and if ideology could be melded with practicality … than communism (if or as a front wing of globalism). Even without the Dominion arrangement, the Party was a dead letter. With Dominion, it is utterly pointless. Still, it has a way of providing comfortable deception and distraction for those prone to smoking dope and maybe a few others, most of whom tend to be decent people.

More on this subject if I can find the time or interest.