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Joe Biden’s administration, if it is allowed to manifest, will do wonders for accelerationism. For all his many, many faults, Orange Man has been reluctant to continue the pattern of Imperial adventurism overseas. Trump, via careful planning or dumb luck, has somehow avoided starting what I imagine will be the Empire’s final foreign war, the one wherein the USA gets its ass kicked, good, fast, and hard. Biden may be just the fool or the tool. And already, he’s allegedly looking for trouble – against people he and his master hate – White Christians.

Countries such as Hungary and Poland will be in the Biden administration’s crosshairs based on the incoming president’s previous statements condemning their allegedly “totalitarian” governments.

Hungary and Poland are both ex-Warsaw Pact countries that have moved towards more market-based economies. However, they’ve taken a national capitalist approach to their economic development. Like most of the West, both of these countries have experienced the secular trend of declining birthrates. In response the ruling parties of both countries — Fidesz in Hungary and PIS in Poland – have adopted pro-natal policies that promote family formation. More controversially the two countries have stood up against the radical LGBT lobby and have become resolute champions of immigration restriction. Given the two countries’ experience being under the influence of empires and other foreign powers, nationalism has always had a strong appeal in these countries. eir development in the post-Soviet era. Both countries have experienced a secular trend the rest of the West is experiencing, namely declining birth rates. In response, the ruling parties of both countries — Fidez in Hungary and PiS in Poland — have pushed their very own pro-family policies that encourage family formation.

As I have reported previously, even under the Trump regime, Lucifer’s USian emissaries have (unsuccessfully) assailed Poland, et al. Biden, if his coup succeeds next week, will likely increase the assault to something resembling all-out unrestricted warfare. By the way, add Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, and other Eastern Euro nations to the list of the Devil’s enemies. Russia, of course, is a perpetual target.

Why? Because, Biden and his handlers and owners – much more his owners – hate what these nations represent – free White, Christian, Western civilization. It comes from their rejection of God and their hatred of Jesus Christ. Poland, the stalwart representative of the West, stands for our traditions and under our God. Naturally, the Poles reject, in spectacular fashion sometimes, the neo-globalist-Satanic agenda of baby murder, faggotry, cannibalism, third-world invasion, and general nation-wrecking.

The free people of Europe are keenly aware of the attacks and the enemy’s plan. They have a long history of resisting invasion and conquest. They are surprisingly well-armed. Strengthened by Faith, they will not bend, bow, or break. Backed by Christian Russia, they cannot be defeated. The evil empire headquartered on the Potomac can be and in God’s good time will be. It’s going to be both fun and inspiring to watch if or when it happens.

Stańcie, ludzie z Zachodu. Walka! Zwycięstwo jest nasze! Niech Bóg błogosławi i ocali Zachód!