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They’re getting all their hoaxes, deceptions, and civilization-destroying ideas mixed up in Brussels.

Belgian rioters attacked the king’s car with the monarch inside in violent unrest in Brussels over the death of a black man in police custody who was arrested for breaking the country’s strict coronavirus rules.

King Phillipe was travelling to the Palace of Laeken, his official residence, as protesters began to batter his BMW with projectiles. The vehicle quickly sped off guarded by the king’s security detail.

More than 500 protesters, some of them holding Black Lives Matter signs, gathered in Belgium’s capital on Wednesday following the death of the 23-year-old Ibrahima Barrie.

What was it about shooting at the King? Oh, wait; that is an antiquated saying from the days before the DIEversity arrived in Western Europe. Look at all the cultural enrichment and vibrancy! This is truly Belgium’s greatest strength for everyone, the King included.

When I was very young, my family almost moved to Belgium. Now, I deeply regret that I’m not there to share in this exciting multicultural exchange of projectiles. It’s a shame that things like this don’t happen in my boring country. My tough luck.

Remember, old Belgians, your nation is merely propositional in nature and always has been. They have always thrown rocks at the King. It’s a transformation that has to happen. Long live the King Diversity!