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Here’s more 2020 political circus news if that’s what you’re after. Heads they win, tails we lose.

The cool breezes arrived a few weeks ago, coming in after a long summer of protest, illness and economic devastation. They brought a chilling reminder: Nov. 3 is almost here.

Brenton Davis has stocked up on guns and ammo. Kathy Faticia is considering leaving the country, mulling the options for dual citizenship. The morning that the United States learned the president had tested positive for a dangerous virus, Eric Hawes had the same sentiment about what lies ahead that he has had for weeks: “It’s going to be hell no matter what.

That is a mathematical certainty.

Guns and ammo are good. Leaving is still an option, though the window is getting both narrow and cloudy. Fun times await, regardless of what the Electors decide this year! It might be a great time to check in with Freedom Prepper where we have just started a little series on riots, unrest, and all-out civil war. You’re welcome.