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Mask! Social Distance! Six feet or two meters! !Science! Feeeeeeeeeaaaar!!!

It’s all bullshit – all of it – but, to keep things interesting, the experts keep changing the narrative.

CDC revises coronavirus guidance to acknowledge that it spreads through airborne transmission

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its coronavirus guidance Monday, acknowledging that it can sometimes spread through airborne particles that can “linger in the air for minutes to hours” and among people who are more than 6 feet apart.

It’s not your imagination: when this hoax cranked up, there were several reports that the WuFlu travels in the air (of course, it does!) for up to 26 – 27 feet. They had a simulation video of the virus floating over supermarket aisles. I thought I had mentioned this, and I may have, but I can’t find the reference. And, with this long-range travel ability, the virus is still next to harmless unless you’re already dying anyway.

It will probably get pulled, so watch the following right now: