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More stunning success from Amerika’s government “schools!” In the DC swamp, they spend $30,115 per year per victim, roughly three times the national collapsing imperial average. Yet, while it’s better performance than in Detroit, a supermajority of the kids can’t read or do math at proficient levels.

The public elementary and secondary schools in the District of Columbia spent $30,115 per pupil during the 2016-2017 school year, according to Table 236.75 in the Department of Education’s “Digest of Education Statistics.”

But only 23% of the eighth graders in the D.C. public schools were proficient or better in reading in 2019, according to the department’s National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, tests.

Similarly, only 23% of eighth graders in the district’s public schools were proficient or better in mathematics.

Yes, we can’t!

Nationwide in 2019, only 32% of eighth graders in public schools scored at or above proficient in reading, and only 33% scored at or above proficient in math.

Does that make you want to send your child to a public school?

Does it give you confidence this nation’s government-run schools are teaching young Americans to be thoughtful and well-informed citizens?


CNS is a great site, though their voucher suggestion is a little misplaced and unnecessary and assumes the thieves in government have some right to handle the people’s money. Just close the damned “schools.”