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Tossing out the moniker as they threw out the teachings of Christ. THIS is one of the 20,000 reasons to read what Vox Day writes.

Another day and another churchian speaks out against Christianity, truth, and hope:

The movement’s followers craft elaborate tales of super-wealthy liberal politicians, officials and celebrities engaging in child sex trafficking, media manipulation, abuse of government power and other criminal acts.

Some followers believe members of the cabal participate in satanic cults that kidnap, rape and torture young children in order to harvest a psychotropic chemical called adrenochrome from their blood.

Yes, heathen, this conforms to the observable reality of the past forty+ years. Why waste time writing an op-ed attacking people who oppose evil (and note the confusing way he mixes in Q and Q followers, with a healthy sprinkle of lies and deception) rather than just attacking the evil itself. Oh, yeah. That’s why.