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The government “school” follies roll on in Detroit, home of amazing single-digit academic performance numbers. The new abnormal classes are ZOOMing right along!

Karlotta Hicks was ready to teach online. Her handmade Zoom background featured numbers and the ABCs, kindergarten concepts she hoped would jog her first graders’ memories after nearly six months away from the classroom. She’d spoken by phone over the summer to the parents of her 14 students, letting them know that virtual classes would begin right after Labor Day at 8 a.m.

“It’s going to be as if the kids were in front of me,” she said confidently a week before classes began at Winans Academy for Performing Arts.

When class began on Tuesday, just one student appeared in her virtual classroom, and his audio wasn’t working. Across the country, hundreds of thousands of students and teachers were troubleshooting their way through glitch-filled first days of online learning. This was going to be tough.

“Tough” isn’t the word. “Terminal” might do it. They speak, concernedly, about getting the kids back to “normal.” We know what normal was – ridiculous, hideous failure. Don’t worry, I checked on the subject elementary school. Read the tale to scare Bram Stoker HERE. 

$16,000 per student per year, nearly twice the national average, begets a 2.7%, dead bottom state percentage ranking with 1.8% of 4th graders proficient in math… It’s not the money. It’s not the virus. It’s not voodoo. It is the system and the culture it “serves.” The same people who made this pathetic mess cannot fix it. $16K per year is more than enough to voucher the kids who want to succeed into stellar homeschool programs, private schools, or both at the same time. An apparently good teacher like Hicks might be needed in a real educational setting. There’s no might about the children.

Where are these kids? Academic hell.