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From The Week, comes a new, tired look at the lack of Faith in the remains of Post-Amerca. Of course, they can’t describe it as such. Rather, they keep the matter centered around the god of power and politics.

Yes, Trump is awful, but he’s not a demonic figure. He’s a buffoon, a fool, a portrait in ignorance, rapaciousness, and groundless self-regard. That an entire political party, from grassroots voters on up to leading officeholders, bow down before him and parrot his bilious lies is pathetic and alarming. But it’s also … a little funny. Not because nothing matters, but because lots of things do — and this is something that Trump and his ridiculous party appear not to understand. Like a man convinced he’s Superman running headlong into a brick wall he’s sure will crumble on impact, allowing him to crash through unscathed to the other side, Trump acts like he can conjure a re-election out of thin air and positive thinking, even as he consistently trails his opponent by nearly eight percentage points.

Could it work? Possibly. But probably not. And that’s kind of funny, too. So go ahead and laugh out loud from time to time at the Trump travesty. Just don’t think it’s because nothing matters.

Buffoon, yes. It’s good that they see our beloved national clown as non-demonic. Kudos, a pretty good piece, but one that misses the Spiritual point. It’s not the politics that have people down and out. It’s their lack of Faith in Jesus Christ (who cannot be mentioned, Nietzsche standing in). They also increasingly lack intelligence, so they are, by the combination, given to believe nonsense like the 200,000(!) COVID deaths scar tactic used in the article. That, and they keep going along with the entire hoax even as the economy tanks and the country burns.

It is and is not a laughing matter.