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Charles Burris wrote an interesting piece at LRC, Why The Libertarian Party Failed. He’s certainly (mostly) correct about what he covers. I see more, and I may go further with this tomorrow or next week. This paragraph says much:

The possible future viability of the LP ended in 1988. It blew it for both objective and subjective reasons. Objectively because of many missed opportunities related to the end of the Cold War and dynamic changes in American political culture during the Bush-Clinton-Bush years were ignored; and subjectively due to internal LP organizational disputes, poor leadership and the widespread delusion of selecting former GOP “libertarian sounding” congressmen or governors as presidential candidates would be the mainstreaming expedient to fast track electoral success.

Can you guess why a 1988 LP victory would not have mattered or helped? Hint: contrary to all the decent, noble-sounding Enlightenment rhetorical talking points of the LP and libertarianism in general, the greater problem was not and is not the economy nor practical politics. Again, I might explore this further. Have fun reading regardless.