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For decades, this country has suffered hoax after hoax. Rather than bounce back from scares and write off the liars who manipulate public sentiment, the people have bowed down and meekly embraced the art of the devil. Rev. Baldwin explains the tragedy in a nutshell. And as he notes, it’s all the worse because we used to be a Christian nation.

On the whole, modern Christianity is a sloppy, sugary, sensationalized, shallow, self-serving sideshow where God is used as both a marketing agent and a spiritual Santa Claus for spoiled, Me-First materialists. So, when a satanically inspired cabal of power-mad scientists comes along with its sky-is-falling, fearmongering pontifications, the Church falls at the foot of this diabolical safety-at-all-costs altar like a carnival clown in a dunking booth.

Watch his associated sermon too if you have an hour. Will it ever again be time to rise up and live without the fear?