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They’re on a roll, those staunch defenders of civilization! The 4th Circuit just concurred with the 11th that muh constitution grants the mentally ill rights over and above those of unwanted normies kids in the “schools.”

In line with anti-discrimination protections recently upheld by the nation’s highest court, the Fourth Circuit ruled Wednesday against a Virginia school that barred a transgender teen from using the boy’s bathroom.

Gavin Grimm was a rising sophomore when his family informed Gloucester County High School officials that Grimm identified as male. For a few weeks until word got out, Grimm used the bathroom for male students.

But the 2-1 ruling from the Fourth Circuit today notes that the school backpedaled after its superintendent, principal and board members “began receiving numerous complaints via email,” many coming from “adults in neighboring communities and even other states.”

Bigots, even in other states. How sad. Maybe Trump, Crenshaw, Pence, Kirk, and Co. will praise the court’s bold defense of the c-c-constitution on tonight’s episode of the insane elephant show! They will, sooner or later (probably sooner), add this insanity to the big tent of GOP stupidity. Everyone else, homeschool.