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Whatever Happened To Bat Boy?

Remember Bat Boy? The Weekly World feature-creature from the previous century, tragically born looking half like Bennie Shapiru and half like Nosferatu? Yeah, I hadn’t heard much about him either lately. Some say he’s now a public school administrator in California. Or, it could be that like honest politicians, he never really existed. Who knows?

But … Good Lord, Almighty, we have some real freaks in his place. 

Way back in June of 2018, at TPC, I warned about the rise of insane people who think they are vampires and who act accordingly. Along the way, I’ve made mention of some additional letters in the devil’s rainbow-colored acronym: V, for vampires; P, obviously for pedophiles, and; C, for cannibals. I’m not making this stuff up and it is serious. They’re not even trying to hide it now.

Slowly, but surely, they’re letting the truth seep out. Consider this story. Get past the “staying young” angle, although these freaks are typically obsessed with youth. It’s not just a trend for the “super-rich” either. Also, kindly overlook the tabloid source; these same rumors and allegations have appeared elsewhere and with too much similarity to discount.

Take a look at the overt weirdness, and also, see if you can spot some of the thinly-veiled themes that lend sad credence to VP&C: young blood, “health” sodomy, etc. 

Now, a great cop-out. I’m working on something similar for another magazine, one of many projects heating up. So, I’m going to leave you with the links. And, yes, I cut this one short. Honestly, I just ran out of steam for the topic. Sorry.

*This is the first weekly column, denoted as such, to run outside TPC. Quality will improve tomorrow. Or next week. The next one will be back to normal – if we have that around here. MB, feel free to grab or link this or any other!

Perrin Lovett is a right-wing Christian nationalist writer and author in the American South. He would like to concentrate more on fiction, and he would really like to see Western Civilization survive.