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Just when one thinks the satanists who operate the country’s failed public “schools” can’t sink any lower, they do. A new trend in “education” has teachers calling the cops and CPS on parents whose children don’t tow the moronic line on Zoom faux classes. Pot, kettle; black as educrat hearts.

If there’s one thing the public school system shouldn’t be doing right now, it’s making life even more hellishly difficult for parents. And yet many teachers in the state of Massachusetts are contacting the authorities to report parents for suspected child abuse when kids fail to show up for Zoom classes.

“Massachusetts school officials have reported dozens of families to state social workers for possible neglect charges because of issues related to their children’s participation in remote learning classes during the pandemic shutdown in the spring,” The Boston Globe reported on Saturday.

This story really has it all:

  • The little girl in the picture is wearing a fear hoax mask, while at home, putatively during a remote “class.” W.T.H?
  • Immigrants who can’t speak English.
  • Working mothers.
  • Single mothers.
  • Mass dysgenic effects.
  • Textbook SJW behavior: lies, doubling down, and projection.
  • Evil (and, I really mean that word) officials, who themselves abuse children, daring to accuse parents of the same thing by not playing the fool’s game of double-fake schooling.
  • Children, temporarily freed from direct attacks, still learning nothing.
  • A school district with elementary schools cursed with shifting demographics and collapsing academic performance. (Those usual go hand in hand).
  • Police state intimidation tactics.
  • Bullying and abuse (by a school) of a mentally challenged child and his family.
  • Lazy, wicked power-tripping, writ large.
  • Pundits who think the schools should be doing anything but closing and bulldozing.

Get your children out of these luciferian communism centers. Get them completely out, to include out of all contact, even the virtual. Homeschool or face terminal failure and accusations that you committed the crimes of the system.