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Forget Kamala (Javier Bardem?). Jo Jorgensen is the lead on the LP ticket – not that she or Mr. Cohen has a snowball’s chance. But, gurl, she’s come a long way. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the BIG 19(!), which should have never passed and should have been repealed when doing so still mattered. It doesn’t, nor does the LP.

Still, it’s nice that Jorgensen wants to end big government.  Such sentiment would have come in handier (if acted on) 50 or 100 years ago. Not that the LP would have been good for anything then if they had held their current principles. They’re the party of principle, they say. Some of the stated ones, hers and theirs, are pretty good guides for pretty good people. Some of them.

Those principles also include no stance on murdering babies, but full support for open borders and for free trade. And, as always, for MJ and dope. In other words: Libertardian = luciferian globalism for upper-middle-class potheads.

It’s ironic that they operate as if everyone neatly fit into a homogenous nationalist framework, while they actively discount the need for the same.

Again, not that any of this matters, for 2020 or from here out. This, I think, concludes my LP remarks both for this election and for the hereafter. Too little, too late, and too weak.