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Amerika in tatters?! These be some harsh words!

In a dark season of pestilence, COVID has reduced to tatters the illusion of American exceptionalism. At the height of the crisis, with more than 2,000 dying each day, Americans found themselves members of a failed state, ruled by a dysfunctional and incompetent government largely responsible for death rates that added a tragic coda to America’s claim to supremacy in the world.

The author goes on and into details about other failed states and empires. He might be correct about all of that, but, as we have been so reliably informed so many times, Amerika really is different. Just check the Founding poem on our big girl statue! (Hey, I wonder how many communists Lady L will crush when they finally pull her down??????)

Amerika is, and always has been, just an idea, a simple, incoherent, misleading creed. If there’s any minor problem with it at present, then all we have to do is get out an eraser and change a few words or something. Nations, after all, are just words and vague ideas, and not borders, blood, and people.

Pandemics are like economic issues: all they require are more immigrants, who were really always the best Amerikans anyway.