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Add the SBA to the list of sunk denominations in Amerika. Allan Wall on the demise and a solution.

Why the Baptist leadership’s radical shift left? Most likely, elite Baptists yearn for respect from secular society, which they sure won’t get for opposing abortion and same-sex marriage. Thus, they go overboard on the race issue.

And of course, Southern Baptists—Baptist Southerners—have twice as much to prove!

All patriotic members of Southern Baptist churches should be appalled.

There’s a solution: Secession.

Baptists believe in “local church autonomy,” as Greear himself said. SBC does not control the autonomous local congregations, nor does it own their local property—unlike the Episcopal church. A Southern Baptist church in Anytown, U.S.A. can secede from SBC and declare its independence.

My advice to Baptists: Get your local congregation out of the Southern Baptist Convention. Free your local church from the growing “Wokeness” infecting the Southern Baptist Convention.

Become a free congregation, responsible only to God and each other, not to woke charlatans like J.D. Greear and Eric Brentmyer.

A good start. Maybe drop the (non-BLM) protestation too.