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It’s not like the Nazis, then the Soviets invaded and tried to destroy Poland or anything. Those pesky Poles should pay, and pay and pay and pay…

Mike Pompeo is a fat, stupid shill who works for another fat, stupid shill, who was elected by lesser fat, stupid shills. They want to share (impose) their debased servitude on the remaining sane people of Europe.

The United States is criticizing a number of eastern and central European nations, including Poland, for failing to compensate Holocaust victims and their families and communities for property seized during Nazi occupation in World War II as the numbers of survivors dwindles due to age.

In a report issued Wednesday, the State Department called out Bosnia, Belarus, Ukraine and particularly Poland for not having acted on restitution claims. Croatia, Latvia and Russia were also taken to task in the report, which is likely to draw angry responses from the governments identified.

“Much time has passed, and the need for action is urgent,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a forward to the 200-page report that looks at the records of 46 countries in meeting commitments they made to restitution in 2009.

Biden, if elected, would only demand the same thing. Vote Republican’t, or else! Biden or Killary would have signed the JUST Act instead of building a wall! This is what “Amerika First” looks like. Thankfully, Poland is led by and populated by men who literally believe in Poland First.