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Vox Day points out the literal Stasi-fication of the SJW narrative.

If someone had written this in a novel, you would have dismissed it as being heavy-handed and too over-the-top to be even remotely credible. EA is now using genuine Stasi agents to police gamers:

Electronic Arts’ Berlin office just entered into a troubling partnership, one that has German gamers reeling. The EA office in Berlin recently announced it was partnering with the Amadeu Antonio Foundation and its program “Keine Pixel für Faschisten” [No Pixels for Fascists]. The Orwellian program seeks to monitor political beliefs in the video game industry and among players for “racism, sexism, and anti-semitism.”

The Foundation is headed by Anette Kahane, a former agent of the East German Ministry of Security, also known as the Stasi — the repressive secret police that monitored and brutally suppressed dissent in East Germany after the Second World War. At its height, the Stasi had over 102,000 officers and nearly a quarter of a million of its own citizens spying on family members, neighbours and colleagues for wrongthink.

Okay, the gamers are maybe number 4,374 on the long list of wrong think “criminals” they’ve come for. You may care nothing about games (VD does, I do not), but rest assured that sooner or later they are coming for you. Probably in the dead of the night.

PS: The underlying article to include the part about the handbook for teachers, especially the part about removed kids from homes because of bad-think. It’s in Allemand, though the pictures alone speak volumes, in any language. Home. School.

PPS: When they come, wouldn’t it be nice to give them a fitting welcome?