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A little too late, don’t you think? The globos dredged up all manner of untruth to try to stifle the will of the British People – stock collapse, no healthcare, no food, blah, blah. Now, they resort to the most unusual, ridiculous, and woefully belated attempt:

The U.K.’s worst productivity slump in a quarter of a millennium may be caused by a “perfect storm” of three factors, according to a study to be published this week.

Productivity was almost 20% below its pre-2008 path in 2018 — the worst slowdown since 1760-1800, as the Industrial Revolution took hold. The present-day malaise may have been caused by the end of the information and communications technology boom, the financial crisis, and Brexit.

BREXIT!!! See the graph – which, by the way, shows a productivity INCREASE over the past ten years, even with some separation from the general employment. Shock. And, it’s ten years. How could BREXIT factor – again, see the graph – into an increasing “decline” that started long before Leave cranked up? It didn’t.

Hint for GB: when you commence the repatriations, make damned sure to ship the wizards out first. That by itself would raise productivity, spirits too.