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The DNC hates Bernie, it’s as simple as that. Robbed in 2016, it’s happening to him again in 2020. The clown show in Iowa:

“They are matching the paper worksheets by hand,” an adviser to one of the top tier campaigns said. The party said only 35 percent of the results were in and none of it was yet verified. “They literally have no verified results right now so we won’t know anything until sometime Tuesday.”

“We have no sense when results might come in,” said Anita Dunn, a senior adviser to Biden. “We are, as other campaigns are, very concerned with what they might release: the alignment numbers are not adding up.”

“It’s a total meltdown,” she added.

They can’t count the votes until after they manufacture them. Bernie, however, released some preliminary info:


About the only thing of real interest is a small number at the bottom. There are 9 honest Democrats in Iowa, as indicated by the number still supporting, at the end of the circus, their only candidate dangerous to Trump.

I still think it’s going to be Warren. Yeah, they may broker the convention, with a possible dark horse by Hills or Michelle, but so what? It’s just as likely that Bernie would keep running as an independent, taking 1/3rd of Democrat voters with him. Trump might not even have to do debates or even campaign beyond a simple Tweet, “Please re-elect me. Thanks.”