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Phillips Andover ran a piece to celebrate their centuries-old interest in books.

Take a gander at The Libraries of Andover. Look at the pictures; they tell a story.

1) The buildings get bigger and nicer as the years pass.

2) Per volume, there are fewer and fewer books. By 2019, they have vast open spaces, full of beanbags and model airplanes, with a small selection of titles strewn here and there.

3) The students used to look like students. Now, they look like a) they just rolled out of homeless shelters, b) they’re on spring break, or c) they’re ready to cruise the red light district.

Mind you, that this is ANDOVER, the nation’s preeminent private school. The pattern repeats at public “schools,” colleges, and community libraries across the country. B&N is a coffee shop with a toy store attached. This all rather angers someone who writes books. Nice pictures though.