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If you could read my mind, love,
What a tale my thoughts could tell…

-Gordon Lightfoot, If You Could Read My Mind

It’s coming.

A tiny fraction of the people is slowly waking up to the massive evil that is Faceberg, the socials, AI, and probably most modern technology.

Changing norms: Another big risk is that this neurotechnology might normalize a culture of mind-reading, causing us to give up — so slowly and subtly we almost don’t notice it’s happening — our expectations of mental privacy.

One day, our interiority could become a thing of the past, with the technology decoding not just the thoughts we’d like it to transcribe for our own convenience but also the thoughts we want to keep private. That could include everything we keep hidden in our inner sanctum, from sexual fantasies to political dissent.

“A lot of my concerns about Facebook accumulating this data are surveillance and civil liberties concerns. You’d worry about the way that Facebook would be helping build a surveillance state,” Nadler said, adding that being able to peer into the brain would be game-changing for law enforcement.

If you find it hard to imagine that a project incubated by Facebook could dramatically change norms around surveillance and law enforcement, just think for a minute about facial recognition technology. Facebook rolled out that tech years ago in an innocent context: tagging your friends in photos you posted on the social-media network. But now the tech is used for policing and surveillance, disproportionately harming people of color. And other giants like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft are all mired in controversy over it.

It’s the other way around: the surveillance state helped build Farcebook and these other hellish companies. And, this won’t stop with implants, chips, and goofy helmets for playing Pong – those likely being a very short interim measure. The end goal is to REMOTELY read minds, either via some sort of intercept scanning beam or, more likely, through a continuous capture field, like that generated by, I don’t know … 5G.

They will not like my thoughts about them.