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A few things, by way of update:

The reviews of THE SUBSTITUTE are slow to come, but they’re all good. The most recent from Amazon:


5.0 out of 5 stars Glad I bought The Substitute

December 25, 2019

Verified Purchase
Surprisingly Delightful!
After seeing the unusual cover picture, I did not know what to expect. The author did not disappoint, it was an interesting read for me, for sure. His writing style and characters remind me a bit of Stuart Woods – I’m glad I bought this book!


Thanks, Jenn!

I have some edits prepared and underway to make the reading a little easier. Look for those soon and when you see them. Also, I am happy to announce the following tentative progress:

AURELIUS: Coming early in 2020; a Tom Ironsides (first person) novella and prequel to THE SUBSTITUTE; about 1/3 – 1/2 finished and rapidly gaining ground.

THE HUNTING OF ???: Also for 2020; another Ironsides’s adventure in the run-up to THE SUBSTITUTE (and AURELIUS); a novelette or shorter novella; about 1/2 finished.

SANGUINIS LEX: Another substantial novel that I hope to have out in the coming year. It’s a blended-genre book set in the Ironsides’s world, though only very briefly featuring him (and Dandy and the Bass Slayers…); the expression of an idea I have had since very early in the Century. It’s a dark and dangerous ride into a most uncomfortable subject. But hey, half the blending is romance, so there’s that. “Sanguinis Lex” roughly translates to “the law of the blood,” if that helps give any hints. This one is purey in draft form – they’re all in draft form – and it’s about (maybe) 1/5th complete, in an incomplete way. A most pressing literary endeavor.

As always, there will be more drivel here, perhaps with a few structural changes (like I always threaten); and look for the first TPC column of 2020 next week – a return to non-fictional views on the affairs of the nation, unique and interesting to be sure.

Much more to come.