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Over the past hundred years or so, a rabid cabal of feminists, queers, open and covert Satanists, and other degenerates have utterly destroyed education in the remains of America. One critical part of their program was to censor and remove any trace of Christianity. In God’s place, they erected idols to every evil imaginable. That wall of separation only stands between the people and the true Lord, not between them and third-rate agents of the devil.

A school in Steamboat Springs is under scrutiny after a parent reported an assignment in which students were required to recite sexually explicit and/or distasteful poetry that includes worship of the pagan deity Moloch as well as conveying the topic of “sexting” in society – which was assigned to eleventh grade students without parental consent.
Brett Cason, the father of 16-year-old Steamboat Springs High School student Skylar, reported the content his daughter was being taught in her “Music Literature” class to the school’s administration after being exasperated upon discovering the assignment for himself, according to Fox News.

The teacher himself, Ryan Ayala, formally apologized to the offended parents for composing his lesson plan around Allen Ginsberg’s poem “Howl,” acknowledging the fact that it was the “most offensive” coursework covered in his class – where students were instructed to “fill in blanks” of censored poems, including phrases such as “f***ed in the a**” and “c**t” as well as other lewd language.

“We do believe that what occurred this fall was simply an oversight as a result of not understanding the policy,” Meeks wrote. “We regret if members of our community were offended.”

The policy? Don’t be so obvious as to get caught. Not that any of the simpleton parents really care, even if a few were gifted with that greatest of Amerikan virtues, being “offended.” Notice, in the story, the constant hand-wringing over the sexting and the #MeToo? That’s bad enough, even as the kids live it every single day. But the real crime that none seemed that concerned with is the passive acceptance of the Canaanite fire god who eats children – in a school dedicated to banning religion.

And, what will the good people do about all of this? Why the same thing they always do about everything – nothing.

Someone wrote a book full of (fictional) incidents like this.