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He’s on to something.

Like Russiagate, Saddam Hussian’s weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, Russian invasion of Ukraine, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, and so on, we live in an orchestrated world with controlled explanations designed to keep us adhering to the ruling agendas.

Americans, indeed the entirety of Europe, live in The Matrix. I am getting tired of trying to get you out of the controlled explanations that control your mind. I am no Morpheus, and I can’t find Neo. As far as I can tell, the Western world is lost. The place of understanding is taken by inchoate emotions that the Zionists call “self-hating.” How can a culture that hates itself—hate that will be reinforced by the New York Times 1619 Project—survive?

He’s done a heck of a job for many years. Europe, I think, is salvageable. Indeed, Eastern Europe never succumbed at all. America, is another story, one maybe nearing the end.