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Men just built it and are expected to run it and pay for it. The power is her’s, the discrimination is his:

Men ‘face MORE discrimination than women’: Global study claims males receive the raw end of the deal with harsher punishments for the same crime, compulsory military service and more deaths at work

Men are disadvantaged in 91 countries compared to 43 nations for women
The UK, the US and Australia all discriminate against men more, a study claims
Italy, Israel and China are harder environments for women, researchers say
Scientists created the Basic Index of Gender Inequality to assess inequality
Closer the BIGI score is to zero the greater the level of equality is in the country

This comes as a surprise to no-one expect, perhaps, a few modern-wave feminists and their lavender supporters. The US comes in at number 61, favoring (you guessed it) women.

Tell us more about that ERA thing.