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Here we go:

Happy Turkey Day: Ranking the Generations

Happy Thanksgiving, America! Or Thanksgiving Week, whichever it happens to be. As we gather with assorted friends, relatives, and other annoying, stinking like three-day-old dead fish loved ones, let’s us analyze them by chronological category, politically, psychologically, and philosophically. For the Farcebookers and TeeVee watchers, now might be a good time to return to loftier observations. I hear Big Bird is rounding Columbus Circle to West 59th right about now…

[Big Bird Picture]…

Bobbing Towards Gomorrah. Picture from someone’s Pinterest.

Here follows a brief examination of the (mostly) living US generations, ranked and sorted by your hard-laboring, long-suffering National Affairs Meddler and Chief Prognosticator. I got ‘em all down, from best to worst. The determination dates are all mine, based upon popular assessments. As with nearly all of my work, this one is geared toward actual Americans, as would have been so-considered circa 1964. Civ-natties, equality freaks, Jordan Peterson cultists, and others of low intellect and poor breeding are hereby advised to retreat to the bloating comfort of all those leftovers.

Now, shall we?

Number One:

Generation X (1965 – 1979)

It’s not just that this is my generation, though that does provide some clarity. We had The Dukes of Hazzard, Pac-Mac, and The Empire Strikes Back. I rest my case. We, and the older generations, had some wacky ways. Our styles – bell bottoms, popped collars, wide ties, big hair, high-tops, and Madras shorts – were a little out there, a little silly upon retrospective review. But, at least they were styles. The new vogue of the nation involves rolling out of bed, throwing on a garbage bag, and sloughing off to nowhere while munching from a big bag of Cheetos.

Seriously, we are the last generation of what might be properly deemed “real” Americans. We are the last to grow up in and experience the fading glory of the remnants of the Old Republic. Early on, we were derided as jaded and disinterested slackers. But, really, how the hell else should we have been? We were the first generation to feel the full brunt of the hideous social and economic experiments of our predecessors. The first in post-Christian Amerika. The first with intentionally, deliberately failed schools. The first with money completely debased. The first under total governance. The last generation of traditional Americans in the new Amerikan Babel.