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A very merry Thanksgiving to you all!

For fun discussion around the turkey table, consider inquiring as to the general sense of whether the ongoing invasion at the US southern border is that, or if it is “immigration.” See what people think, if at all.

If need be or if this “nation of immigrants” bullshit appears like so much spilled dressing and gravy, remind them about some of the earliest American experiences with ungrateful imports. Speak, if you know, about the Polish and German industrial specialists, foolishly brought over in 1607 (8?), and how they IMMEDIATELY turned on their English hosts, taking sides with and arms to the Indians of Virginia.

For extra fun, should any school children be present, ask them to name that settlement. Ask them with experimental colony preceded it in the 16th century.

Give thanks. You, lucky American, have a veritable time machine trip back to the 5th century. Make the most of it.

Then, prepare to go stimulate that economy. The circulars herald big screen junk on low credit terms.


Those of you running the Feaster Five, right now, … ouch! Hope that pie and hoodie was worth the frostbite.

UPDATE: It’s nice to see Google is thinking about the poor, hungry politicians this Thanksgiving:

Screenshot 2018-11-22 at 7.33.34 AM

Let them eat d-CON…