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Following attacks, Israel eases (already liberal) gun controls.

“Many civilians saved lives during attacks and, in an age of ‘lone-wolf terror’, the more trained civilians carrying arms, the higher the chances of thwarting attacks and minimising casualties,” Erdan said in a statement.

Under the new regulations, any Israeli who had extensive infantry combat training can apply for a gun licence.

Most Jewish Israelis must complete obligatory military service after they turn 18, but only a minority receive such training.

Police volunteers, medics and former military officers will also be eligible, the statement said.

Prior to the change, the main criterion for a permit — besides professions such as hunter or diamond merchant — was one’s place of residence.

Settlers or other Israelis working in the occupied West Bank tend to receive licences. It is common to see Israeli settlers in remote West Bank outposts openly carrying rifles.

Civilians saving lives. Why does that sound familiar?

They could try this in London if ever they tire of Khan, appeasement, and cultural suicide.