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Not to sound all Al Gore, but we only have a few years to head off the robot apocalypse.

The Russian news (all fake, huh?) gave us the “creepy” droid seen stalking around a parking lot.

A video has emerged on Twitter showing a faceless yet worryingly realistic humanoid robot walking in what looks like a perfectly mundane courtyard. The trip down the uncanny valley caused some to proclaim an impending apocalypse.

The clip shows the stoop-backed robot making its way past the cameraman, with ominous music playing in the background. Its black and orange limbs, hi-tech-looking protrusions along its spine, and its hollowed out head all lend to the realism, bringing to mind Boston Dynamics’ latest scary creations. But then the camera zooms in on its face plate, and that’s where you might feel a slight urge to scream and run, because set in the near-featureless white mask are two moving, human-like eyes.

Naturally, some users’ reaction was “WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE.”

Yeah, probably, but not from that goofy-looking thing. Death is more likely from this one (also from Putin Landia):

Russia has unveiled a terrifying 4.5-tonne bulletproof robot that can walk and hold weapons in its giant claws – and looks straight out of sci-fi films like Avatar and Robocop.

The Avatar-style ‘bot was revealed by Kalashnikov at the Army 2018 Fair just outside Moscow, as a ‘demonstration of what is to come.’

The robot can walk and has space in a cabin for people to sit and operate the robot from inside and can hold and move objects with its claws, including weapons.

The pilots are protected from bullets, debris and any other dangerous object behind the armoured glass and metal encasement.

The gold robot, which has been called Igorek, is still under construction and the creators do not wish to reveal all its characteristics until they have finished.

I’m good with the current reveal. 4.5 tons, claws, weapons, made by Kalashnikov, bulletproof … that’s more than enough. Any engineers reading this, feel free to leave comments about possible soft points on this monster. What minimum caliber do we need? (I’m thinking concentrated fire on the windshield or just fire [napalm] on the whole body).


Coming to a future near you. Mirror.