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From today’s TPC: Vampires in America

(really can’t make this stuff up…)

The first great luxury and prestige point of being your C.F. Floyd National Affairs writer is the simple fact of being such. Really, I’m honored and grateful. The second great luxury is the wide latitude I’m allowed in picking subjects. Yet, therein, within the unbridled discretion, lurks the first menace.

Mine is an admittedly strange but active mind. Every week I literally have 100 potentially actionable ideas and maybe as many potential ways to present them. There are so many important issues which affect our culture, our freedoms, and our lives that it is hard sometimes to delineate the “one” for a given segment. You may have detected a slight tendency, here, towards the long-winded. It’s difficult, once a subject in pinned down, to limit it and prevent it from devolving into a novella. I do my best…

It’s also a minor goal of mine to keep the work here at least loosely interwoven with predecessor issues. In a way, all of this stuff is interrelated – at least in part. So here, today – and I’m getting to the subject matter de jure! – I picked a seemingly whacky and obscure story out of Texas which has slight bearing on what I’ve already printed and on some other features swirling. We’ll get into the other pressing matters of the maelstrom in due time. (I hear ya, “Perrin, hurry it the hell up!”). But. Now. On to the Vampires of Austin!

Frequently, if one really wants quality news about what’s happening in America, one has to turn to the European press. Even their tabloids do a better job of fact-finding than our sold-out CNNABCNBCBS cabal. Today’s American news of the weird comes courtesy of a story I read in The Sun (UK). There is in Austin, Texas, of all places, an active coven of vampires. (Here I’ll note that even the best fiction-minded author simply can’t make this stuff up to compete with reality).