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Now comes a real conspiracy crisis from the Patriots organization. I now know what some of you went through with the off-pressure balls, except this incident is an affront to real rights. Vox Day explores the Peter King-Robert Kraft assault on the Second Amendment.


i. Gesture of the Week: Patriots owner Robert Kraft providing his team plane to fly students and families from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to Washington on Thursday, and then back home, after Saturday’s massive rally against gun violence.

j. No matter your politics, that’s a wonderful thing Kraft did. Because no matter what your politics, it is downright insane that semi-automatic killing machines, such as the kind that killed 17 people at the Florida high school, can be owned by average American citizens.


I emailed Mr. King in response to his foray into gun control activism, and would encourage you to send him a similar message.

In response to your public support for violating American rights, I remind you of the words of Samuel Adams.

“We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

Go to Mexico. Go to Canada. Go and live somewhere else, because you are not an American. There are literally dozens of other countries without the 2nd Amendment. Go live in one of them if you fear Americans exercising their unalienable rights, because you are not one of us.

“You are not one of us” and “you have to go back” are two of the most effective rhetorical killshots you can utilize against an SJW, because they weigh on the SJW’s constant subconscious fear of being rejected. It’s not a coincidence that these are considered to be some of Sam Adams’s most memorable words.

No, I will not email Mr. King nor Kraft. I don’t willingly waste time in discourse with communists and the mentally ill. But I do appreciate knowing what they really think of us and of our freedoms.

Know that when King writes, “average American citizens” he really means, “peasants and serfs.” Thanks, jackass. Now get out. Take Kraft, Hogg, and as many more commies as you can cram on those private jets and leave.

No matter your politics, if you are sane, and rational, and know how to read, and do rudimentary math, you realize that those “semi-automatic killing machines” save lives. And they’re safer, in terms of murder, than baseball bats, knives, and hands. If not, then no matter your politics (and we can guess about those), then consider doing as Vox and Adams suggested: just go away.

Go try one of of those other 100+ countries where they have far fewer guns than we have here. Yes, they all have much worse gun murder rates. But that’s a project you can tackle, work you can do – somewhere else.

Friends, these people hate freedom, America, the Second Amendment, “average” citizens, you and me. Their kraft would have us bow to a king. It’s contra to our interest to support these types of haters. Brady received a four-game suspension for the balls. Maybe a suspension for the duration of Kraft’s ownership is in order. This would be a huge and hard leap for an Patriots fan. But something to think about.

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PS: Maybe Kraft should change the name. How about the New England Treason? Traitors? Kapos?