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Following the school shooting in Florida, the media, the idiot pols, and the hysterical mass media repeat the clamor to “Do something! Anything!” As with any any problem on Earth, the solution has to be another law, right?

In this particular case, let’s consider that:

The alleged shooter was on psych meds, like all school shooters;

He was expelled from the school for threats and violent behavior;

The police were called to his house 39 times! in a year;

The FBI received a tip he might be a potential school shooter and did nothing;

The subject school, like nearly all government schools, was a “gun free” zone;

A law to legalized lawful arms carry in “gun free” zones was shot down in FL last year;

In Florida, Wednesday, it was illegal to: bring a gun to a school; point a gun at any person; disrupt educational process; shoot people; commit murder … ;

As with all terrorist and most American felons, the shooter was previously know to authorities – this one was known to everyone from the teachers to the FBI.

What new law could have made any difference here? The even the odds Bill I mentioned the other day might have. About the only intelligent thing I’m hearing from any politician is the Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, calling for expanded Florida Baker Act provisions to temporarily detain potentially mentally ill criminals – before they act.

This case looks like the complete and utter failure of law and law enforcement.

Maybe it’s not the law. Maybe it’s the people. Something to think about.