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Not good on Valentine’s Day, any day.

Reports say at least 1 dead with 20-50 injured. Suspect allegedly pulled fire alarm to draw out targets.

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You may find this one hard to believe as all Florida schools are “gun free” zones, effectively (we’re told) protected by statutory force fields against crime and terror. Maybe that’s not the case.

Last year twin bills to even the odds were dropped in Tallahassee. Such would have opened up legal weapons carry in schools and at other “gun free” venues. The effort  failed: SB 908 was indefinitely postponed and died in Senate Judy; HB 803 died in a subcommittee.

A whole lot of dying, needless perhaps.




17 dead;

Suspected shooter: expelled former student Nicolas de Jesus Cruz, 19;

Suspect previously known to authorities (for similar threatening behavior);

Suspect in alive and in custody;

Pelosi, left, even Legs Network, predictably peddle gun control  (like “gun free” zones?).


Suspect followed social media sites for “resistance” groups out of Syria, Iraq. Hmmm???


Developing. Updates if/when warranted.